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December 2, 2008
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Acco'ed by RaXt0r Acco'ed by RaXt0r
This is unfinished. And will remain unfinished!

It started off as a collab with ~Sternchen08 more than a year ago. But after she strangely lost the psd of her part ([link]) it never went beyond that stage.
Also i never really was satisfied with the coloring and so it collected dust on my HD for like a year and a half.
And even though I know I'll never gonna finish it i thought id be a shame not to share it with you guys. So i spiced it up a little and here we go.

The race of Tyraeli is © by me


for the curious and the heck of it i copy & pasted the Acco's description from another deviation's description:

Tyraeli Accomdanih

Just like the Aluerkawo, the Accomdanih has 2 main dutys in it's life: -) doin dirty work the other classes can't/dont want to do and -) kick some serious ass on the battlefield. And that's what they're best in.
Feared the most by human soldiers, a full-grown male Acco has a shoulder-height of approx. 2,5 - 2,8 metres. They're built bulky and an enormous strengh. Their skin is way thicker and resistant than the other's, plus they have some kind of bone plates under their skin on neck, back, limbs and tail. This makes them extremely robust and almost immune to small kaliber weapons. One of their claws on each hand and foot has evolved extremely big, with which they can cut any enemy in half. The end of their tail has also evolved to some kind of blade, which adds another deadly body-weapon to their arsenal.
With their mighty and strong jaws even the thickest bones are not a problem.

The Accomdanih is ,lets say, 80% quadrupedal (like a gorilla or bear maybe). They CAN walk on 2 feet, but hardly ever do so unless they need to: Sometimes they carry giant spears and maybe even a large shield (plus additional body armor) which would make them almost invincible, able to cut a human tank in half. In this case they would walk on 2 feet. This would slow them down though, because they aint that good at running like that.

If you look at an Accomdanih, theres no way you can tell what it thinks or feels like. They have no facial muscles, so no chance of visible emotions. Is it relaxed, or ready to jump at you to ripp you apart?
Compared to the other castes, the Accoh is more like an animal than a humanoid, intelligent entity. But that's not what they're treated like of course. They don't have to live in cages or enclosures. As if they wouldn't mind. >_>
Although they can UNDERSTAND the others, they are not able to talk themselfes (hey, they've got no facial muscels after all).

While male Accomdanih are sent out to fight, the females stay where it's safe. Their task is to carry their cubs to term, instead of risking their lifes. Remember, the Tyraeli can't just lay eggs; they're mammals and have to carry out their youngsters. The problem with the Accomdanih is that their pregnancy lasts 14 month and they have a high stillbirth-rate. --> the Accomdanih share of the population is pretty low. I guess its obvious why they won't risk their precious females in combat. ^^
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RaXt0r Feb 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thank you :lol:
ich find deine zeichnungen richtig hammer und sie sind auch ne gute inspirationsquelle!

hut ab, man!:clap: :worship:
RaXt0r Feb 16, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
herzlichen dank! =)
Mir gefallen die Tyraeli so gut, dass ich mir die swz/w gerne ausdrucke und selbst farbe anlege. Die Viehcher sehen auch aus wie Mensch und Saurier/ Drache gemischt. wircklich mir gefallen die Biester sehr gut, im gegensatz zu meinem Cusin.
RaXt0r May 4, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
danke! zwar frag ich mich warum dus als nötig empfunden hast mir zu erzähln dass dein cousin nicht so drauf steht, aber ok xD
lass doch mal was von den colorationen sehn! würd mich sehr interessiern =]
Xtermination Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its like a big puppy X3
RaXt0r Apr 19, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
eh sorta i guess ^^;
Xtermination Apr 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well it is
hes panting X3
RefugeesPride78 Jan 14, 2009
sehr gut geworden,die farben sind genial,mach weiter so!
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